5 Important Affirmations for Women of Color

5 Important Affirmations for Women of Color

What better way to start your day than by speaking positively about yourself. It’s not enough to just think good thoughts, but be more intentional about speaking them out into the universe.

You are not only what you think but what you speak.

Words are very powerful in shaping our perception of the world around us. Empower yourself, and others, by repeating these daily affirmations every morning or especially during those times when you you need an extra reminder of who you are and what you’re capable of.

Read the following out loud and with meaning:

  1. My mistakes don’t define me. I will trust the process and applaud myself for my progress. I am trying and will recognize that that is enough.

  2. I am in my own lane. I will not compare my journey to other people’s success.

  3. I was created beautifully and perfectly flawed in the eyes of the creator. I will not let society’s negative connotations of me influence how I view myself.

  4. I embrace my full potential, even if it makes others feel uncomfortable. I refuse to play small. I’m meant to do big things.

  5. I will surround myself with positive people. If there is anyone in my life that tries to disturb or threaten my peace, I will compassionately remove them from my space and focus on the souls of whom I share a genuine connection with.

Now that you've spoken your affirmations into existence, watch how they unfold throughout your life. With repetition, these words will start to unveil themselves through your actions and slowly but surely, they will come to life!