New Year, New You. (Seriously This Time)

New Year, New You

7 Methods For Sticking To Your Fitness Goals

So, it’s February. We’re pretty much two months into the new year and if you’re one of the people who decided to get fit as a part of your new year’s resolutions, you’re either on one of two sides at this point: you’ve dived right on in or you still have no clue where to begin.

If you haven’t begun, don’t fret; it is never too late to start! If you have begun, don’t get too full of yourself; this may be the most popular resolution to make but it is also the easiest to give up on.

Regardless of what side you may currently stand on, remember that you set this goal for a reason and you owe it to yourself to make the effort to follow through. And we want you to be as prepared as possible so here are some tips that will prove to be more than helpful with starting and finishing your fitness journey.  

  1. Consistency is key, not intensity
    Listen, you can’t work out once or twice a month, eat a few salads and expect the pounds to come rolling off. You have to be very consistent with your diet and exercise regimen in order to start seeing results. This is where effort, self-control and discipline come into play, and it may not come very easy. We’re human beings so we’re not perfect but if you are truly motivated to achieve this goal, you should have no problem exuding these traits. And when it starts to get hard: KEEP GOING.    

  2. Eating healthy and filling meals instead of counting calories
    Calories: the c-word they don’t always warn you about! Although tracking your calorie intake can be a vital piece of diet and exercise, obsessing over calorie counting can still lead to some poor decision making in regards to the food you choose to consume. If you do your research to ensure that you are eating meals that are the correct portion size and feature healthy and filling foods, you can save yourself the stress of worrying about calories. Eat clean, feel full, get results!   

  3. Progressive training, set small achievable goals
    Long story short, be realistic with yourself. It’s easy to say that you wanna lose 20 pounds, but if you’re trying to do that in two months you’re setting yourself up for failure. Give yourself enough time to achieve weight loss goals and try something attainable like 2-3 pounds a month. Even with your diet, start by making small changes and gradually work your way up to dramatic change.

  4. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a day
    Okay, this is easier said than done and even we struggle with this one. But there is a reason why you’ve heard over and over again that you must make sleep a priority. You have to recharge your battery or you won’t be able to do much of anything, let alone achieve your fitness goals. If 8 hours isn’t for you, then figure out how many hours you need and stick to that routine.

  5. Take photos to keep track of your progress
    This may not seem like a big deal but one of the main reasons why people give up on their fitness goals is their assumption that they aren’t making any progress. Don’t let that number on the scale fool you; the best way to see your results is to actually see them. Take a picture of yourself every three months and we guarantee that you’ll see some progress that’ll keep you motivated.

  6. Avoid get-thin-quick diet fads
    Sorry to disappoint but there is no secret; there’s no magic trick or crash diet/workout plan. No shade to Herbalife, Waist Trainers or Flat Tummy Tea, but there is truly no substitute for good ol’ fashioned diet and exercise. You can surely try whatever method you find interesting, but if your intention is to get-thin-quick, it is likely that you’ll end up disappointed.   

  7. Enjoy your workouts, try a sport or group class
    Last but certainly not least, the most important tip for successful fitness goals: HAVE FUN. You need to enjoy your exercise routine if you hope to keep up with it! Take the time to seriously consider what you enjoy in regards to being active and roll with it. If you don’t like traditional cardio and weight training, try zumba, cycling, yoga, or sports. The possibilities are endless so don’t be afraid to try new things and figure out what you like. It won’t feel like exercise because you’ll be too busy having fun!

Remember, fitness is like a relationship; you can’t cheat and expect it to work. Put forth a solid effort and you will see solid results in return. This is YOUR journey. Don’t let outside noise discourage you or cause you to doubt yourself. Try your best and don’t be afraid to ask for help. And keep in mind that like any goal, things aren’t always going to go your way so flexibility will take you a long way. You got this.

Author: Amenze Enoma, Outreach Director