Your Life, Your Choice: Important Tips for Women Who Struggle to Create a Better Life

Important Tips for Women Who Struggle to Create a Better Life

What a time to be alive. Positive or negative statement? Depends on your perspective. Some people wake up and only dwell in the tragic state of the world. Trump being President is in itself a sound statement to prove this. Not to mention people still die of starvation, diarrhea and lack access to clean water. To what some would deem lesser issues, like “I work at a job I where I don’t feel purposeful with people I would never choose to be around.”

While all this may be true, some people wake up only seeing how they can empower their communities and raise money to help countries reach a higher standard of living. Depending on the day, perhaps you wake up with both these perspectives. What it comes down to is:  Ddo you feel hopeless or hopeful? Powerless or powerful?

I am not a writer by any means, a guru, or established, successful person whose advice you should heed. But what I am is a human being just like you.

If you are reading this chances are you are a wonderful, woke, beautiful being, trying to better yourself. As am I, very much on my way. As you know, there is nothing new under the sun, and that goes with advice on how to live life. I do not think I have much to say that you have not heard before, all I can hope is for something to stick or drive you to develop some habit, insight, or something to share.

Often, we know what to do but do not apply it. I’m not sure why that is, yes it is hard, but I also think something merely has to click. It’s a decision you make. A perspective that you did not have that is there now. It’s you growing and realizing that you have no choice but to do something differently.

I’ve heard some life lessons in a way that have forced me to move upon them and I would like to share them with in hopes they may drive you to do the same. As one who loathes most corny cliches I must admit, below is full of them and well, that’s because many cliches are just that for a reason, they’re true.

So I will start with this. Fall in love with yourself and know who you are.
This is truly essential. Love who you are, I’m guessing your pretty dope. Fall in love with your thought process, how you see the world. Get to know yourself. Fall in love with being alone. Fall in love with your mind in silence and just how your mind wonders. Ask yourself a few new questions. Figure out why you feel the way you do about things. Understand your behaviors. Understand why you do the things you do and make them beautiful. If you don’t like something about yourself, change it. You can, your brain is a crazy muscle, start exercising it. Change your thought process if you have to, till you love it. Choose to fall in love with yourself and demand what you want of your soul.

Life is beautiful. Life is hard. But the way you choose to live your life is a is YOURa choice! Choose to fall in love with waking up.
Choose to fall in love with your showers. Choose to fall in love with all the things you feed yourself, including actual food. Choose to love the rules you write for your life. It is essential to live in your truth and no one else's. You know your history, your truth, and what you believe in; do not strain yourself to live within the constraints of society because you know this system is BS. Know yourself so you can move confidently in this world. Know what you want, your standards and expectations.

The life you decide to live comes down to your decisions. Everything is a decision. We know the formula but at times only go halfway. Go all the way.
You are deserving of the best you can take from this world. I know you want things from this life so I challenge you to go get them. We are very fortunate to live in this time that we do. You can literally think of something and make it happen. The resources in 2017 are crazy. But you have to choose to commit. You are strong so act like it. Be of character. Be of disciple. Understand what that may look like. Maybe you won’t have a “life” for a bit to get to where you want to be. Or you may have to get a part time job you hate, or have to drop some friends that are not helping you progress, wake up at 6am for the next 6 months. This is temporary. You are in control and let that always be the case.

If your eyes stumble on this, I hope you challenge yourself to demand more f. From this life and yourself. Demand greatness, but remember to be gentle with yourself. Keep moving baby, your future depends on you. There is no timeframe as long as you are moving, man I’m just picking up speed. Find people who support you, dream with you, demand more of you, care about your well being and happiness. There is something special and magical happening in our generation. We are so privileged and lucky, and owe sooooooo much to all those who stood before us. I want greatness from you, yes you, (I’m pointing at you) you define it but I want you to do it. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll see it, better yet hear about you making history. But live a happy life, a truthful life, where you are content and at peace.

As you grow, you will glow!  Please share it, you owe it to the world!

Author: Joane Theophile, Creative Director