3 Major Takeaways from #TheQueensDinner - Are You Ready to Level Up?

On Saturday, September 22, 2018, Queens Company hosted our signature event The Queens Dinner, a safe space for women of color to break bread, network, and shop from Black women-owned businesses.

This event brought together an inter-generational, diverse group of women from the Greater Boston area who shared a common goal,  to LEVEL UP in both our personal and professional endeavors.

Our featured speakers included, Liz Miranda, who recently won the democratic nomination for State Rep. of Dorchester and Roxbury, and Sharifah Niles-Lane, Vice President of Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager at Eastern Bank.

Both speakers delivered powerful addresses that included a testimony from their personal lives, as well as their professional journeys that lead them to where they are today. It was an eventful night as many of the attendees were able to reflect and map out an action plan to level up.

Here are three major gems that were dropped during the program that can help us all reach the next level we’re striving for:

  1. Focus Less on Elevation and More on EVOLUTION
    Liz Miranda dropped this major gem during her opening program where she opened up about making great strides as a person but missing levels in which society deems important for women such as getting married, having children, etc. It’s important to focus less on the different levels that are typically deemed as successful and pay more attention to who you are as a person, your growth and how you’re evolving.

  2. Use Your Pain to Motivate You
    Both speakers touched upon this topic.

    Liz Miranda addressed it when speaking about the unfortunate loss of her brother to gun violence a little over a year ago. She described how although she had been a long time activist and community advocate, she felt as though she had failed her brother by not protecting him. She turned her pain into power by deciding to run for office motivated by the desire to protect and advocate for a better life for her community members in the state legislature.

    Sharifah told a great story about how she grew up as a first-generation immigrant living in an attic apartment with her mother. Watching The Cosby Show always drove her to want a multi-level home with stairs and how that was her motivation to be successful.

  3. Put Some Action Behind Your Intentions
    Sharifah emphasized that as she grew in her professional career, she was always doubted for her capabilities by her white colleagues. This is a common theme that many women of color face - we almost never get the proper recognition for our contributions. She mentioned how when leveling up, it’s important to not just have good intentions and goals but to make it a point to deliver results. No one can argue with results.

Our attendees weren’t the only ones who leveled up that night though. Queens Co. is happy to announce that we have leveled up our services as we have officially launched our membership program! Now you can become an official member and have access to a myriad of perks designed to really help you become your best selves. Learn more here.

If you missed out on this Queens Dinner, we host a number of them throughout the year. Stay tuned for the next one in January. In the meantime gain access to our members only events, outings, and travel trips by officially joining our community.