5 Ways to Step Into Your #BlackGirlMagic

Happy Women’s History Month!

From Sojourner Truth leading civil and women’s rights advocate in the 19th century, to Tamara Burke the founder of today’s women’s movement #MeToo - Black women have always made major contributions to women’s history.

We’ve always been doing the work to advance social issues in America but it was very rare that we got the credit that we deserve. In typical Black girl fashion, we decided to stop waiting on recognition from others and started celebrating ourselves. Particularly when CaShawn Thompson coined the hashtag #BlackGirlMagic, a concept to celebrate the beauty, power and resilience of black women and congratulate them on their accomplishments.

This term is now a part of our everyday culture from  celebrating everyday women in our community, to describing the all-women army of Wakanda, Dora Milaje. While this has created a space to promote adversity among Black girls, we still face a lot of negative stereotypes and prejudice ideals from the world that can ultimately affect our point of view of ourselves.

That’s why it’s really important that we take the necessary steps to empower ourselves and create a sense of community to empower each other.. Sounds like a huge task but Black women before us have been doing this for generations and it’s up to us to keep passing the torch to preserve our livelihood and magic.

With that being said, here are 5 steps below that will help you step into your magic and inspire other women to shine.

  1. Get to Know Yourself
    With social media, television, and other forms of technology, we’re constantly being fed a narrative of how women should act but it’s important that under all of that exposure we know and understand who we are. That includes knowing your history and ancestry so that you are aware of the great women that came before you. It also includes knowing what is unique about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being different, as a matter of fact whatever it is about you that stands out is what will make you successful. Take the time necessary to get to know who you are, not who your family, friends, or society say you should be.

  2. Be Yourself Unapologetically
    Now that you’re working on getting to know who you really are, be intentional about being that person. You were created this way for a reason. We all have a unique purpose here on Earth and you’re not only cheating yourself, but you’re cheating the world from experiencing your magic when you’re not unapologetically yourself. You don’t need to be anyone else to be powerful, you already have the power. It’s just a matter of accepting it and basking in it without worrying about what others think. When you’re able to master this, you will exude a genuine energy that will attract everything in the world that is meant to be yours.

  3. Put Yourself First
    As Black women, we have always carried the weight of the world on our shoulders. As natural nurturers, we have the gift of caring for others, even when it means sacrificing our own needs. But most of the time, this can be detrimental to our own growth. It’s important that we learn to put ourselves first because the world often times doesn’t and it’s up to us pour into ourselves before we do so for others. Imagine if you gave the love you give so willingly to others, to yourself. Do just that because not only do you need it but you deserve it.

  4. Build Your Tribe
    Community has always played a major role in our lineage. It is so important to surround yourself with individuals who share the same mindset as you. Keep people around you that support your endeavors and goals. These people should encourage and motivate you to do whatever your heart desires. Surround yourself with people who know the real you and love you for who you are but at the same time aren’t afraid to who hold you accountable for your shortcomings. Build a community that genuinely wants to see you win and will remind you of your great capabilities.

  5. Choose Faith Over Fear
    Understand that us Black women come from a powerful ancestry so it’s important to know that you possess that power within you as well. Pursue your life goals fearlessly, and understand that the universe has your back as long as your intentions are well-meaning. Once you step into your #BlackGirlMagic, know that there isn’t a force in this world that can stop you from being the powerful woman that you are. Use your faith in your abilities to quiet down the noise that fear creates.

To be quite honest these 5 steps may not always be easy. The universe will test you in ways to ensure that you’re ready to reach your full potential, but with consistency and discipline you’re guaranteed to exude the highest levels of #BlackGirlMagic. You already have it inside you, do the work to tap into that source and the rest will fall into place. You got this, sis!

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