As Women We Must Learn To Serve From Overflow

Be Well.   How often do we hear this as women? Two small words that are powerful and can be life changing.

April is National Stress Awareness Month and I am sure most of us don’t need a month to bring more attention to our stress levels. However, it is a month to be mindful of signs and symptoms of stress, wellness and mindfulness, so let’s talk about it.

Studies show that mindfulness, happiness and intentional living are the anchors that drive success in both our professional and personal life. Yes – I am talking mindset, self-care, overflow and reclaiming who we are. This includes identifying our wellness, making it a priority and by creating less stress in our own life. In our journeys of “living our best life”, we must know that it’s a lot easier not to develop problems, than to cure them.

Just as we dedicate ourselves to work projects as professionals, we must be mindful that we are also projects. Simply stated, we cannot give what we don’t have and when we attempt to, we will deplete ourselves, performing from a state of mind-full vs. mindful.

We must get uncomfortable, sometimes demanding and at times radical, about designing, defining and demystifying our time.

 5 Mindful questions to ask yourself, (see 5 tips below):

  1. Is my workplace and home well?

  2.  How do I practice self -care daily? 

  3.  How am I serving others? 

  4. Am I Practicing Daily Gratitude?

  5. Am I intentionally living or just alive?

As a mother of two children, ages 23 and 18, one who is vibrantly Autistic and the other who is eagerly heading off to college in the fall, my life has certainly been no crystal stair.

Trust me, I know the feeling of depletion. That’s why I set out to create a world where professionals would feel safe instead of scared, empowered instead of defeated and rewarded instead of rejected.

So, I challenge you to be mindful in your professional and personal life. You don’t have to be a yogi, Buddhist or into meditation to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a different way of thinking and behaving that bolsters gratitude, wellness, awareness, leadership, self-care and so much more. It was mindfulness, happiness and being more intentional about life that made the difference for me.

Anna’s top five tips for mindful, happy and intentional living:

1.) practice monotasking instead of multitasking

2.) work at doing more with less

3.) assign an emotion to the experiences

4.) experience social activities at least once a month

5.) work on limiting your social media use

Bonus Tip - Practice Daily Gratitude , It doesn’t make sense to live your best life without expressing gratitude for past, present and future blessings. Before you check email, scroll on LinkedIn or toast that whole-wheat bagel, jumpstart the day with an attitude of gratitude. It will enhance your mood, put that crazy to-do list in perspective and counterbalance negative thoughts.

When we are well and serving from our overflow, we can and we will wish the same for others in their journey … Be Well!

About Anna Foster, Queens Co. Business Member

Anna Foster is the founder and CEO of A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand, an event-focused and consulting business that works with individuals and brands on strategy, networking and development. Foster is a connector, event host, speaker, author, entrepreneur and influencer. She is also a certified life and business coach and certified behavioral analysis trainer. Her popular workshops “Creating Your Brand” and “Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs” serve as a guide for professionals looking to develop their personal and professional brand. Foster has partnered with numerous entrepreneurs, non-profit and corporate clients. In 2012 she created the Women’s Conference by A Maven’s World- Boston and expanded the conference globally in 2018 ( ). She earned a B.A. in Business Management from Suffolk University and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School. Connect with Anna via and via social media at @amavensworld @annafoster1 and @womensconferencebyamw

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