Exploring Art and Jewelry with #GirlBoss Dominique Dixon

Dominique Dixon is a 32 yr old Artist, Designer and Creative from Boston, MA. With a degree and background in Art and Design, she has developed a conceptual brand and accessory line called MAHOGANI.

MAHOGANI was created to bridge the gap of diversity among women throughout the world of Art, Fashion, Beauty and Design. Dominique enjoys the arts in all forms - from live music, exhibits, poetry, collaborating with other creatives, traveling and learning new cultures. Throughout her career she has worked in the makeup and retail industries, but in time found her true love for creating something more meaningful.

We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down with Dominique and chat about her journey. Check out our conversation below:

QC: What is the message behind your products? 
DD: MAHOGANI/MAHOGANI SHOP is a conceptual creative brand and accessory line celebrating diversity among women through Art, Fashion, Beauty and Design. My brand was created to empower women to embrace their inner and outer beauty.  

QC: Why did you start creating your own jewelry?
DD: My background is in design, art and fashion but my inspiration heavily comes from growing up in my moms salon around beautiful inspiring  women as well as all of the women in my family and life, so with my combined creative gifts, it was important for me to find the power in my purpose and create a brand that can empower women to feel confident, beautiful and self accepting.

QC: Do you have a target audience, and why?
DD: Connecting with women from all walks of life will always be my goal. It is important for us as women to all feel our best and no one should be excluded from that possibility.  

QC: What do you hope for when someone buys one of your beautiful pieces; is there a certain way you want them to feel?
DD: I hope that by wearing my pieces every women feels empowered, unique and not afraid to step outside the box that the world tends to put us in.

QC: Do you have a signature piece?
DD: I’m known for my spiral work which are part of my original collections. Everyone gravitates towards my wire work which are unique, original, and one of kind pieces.

Dominique is working to expand MAHOGANI into an international brand with rebranding and new projects in the works, make sure you guys check out her website at www.mahogani.bigcartel.com.