See What's Cooking With Yve Celestin, Our April #GirlBoss of the Month

Hailing from Boston, Yvrantz “Yve” Celestin is a working professional by day and a self-taught chef for the rest of her time. From living in the city most of her life and graduating from Suffolk University, to currently holding an Operations Manager position at a nonprofit, Yve is sure to use her free time enjoying learning new skills in the kitchen.

Yve gains inspiration from her love of food and travel. From her travels, she brings back new recipes and spices to recreate her take on the original cultural dishes. For years she has been known for her Kremas (Haitian coconut liqueur) so she took that buzz and a leap of faith and started her own catering business called Yve's Kitchen. Yve’s private dining experience and catering has steadily boosted the growth of Yve's Kitchen. Her speciality is Caribbean food but she says, “I can honestly cook anything”; and we can’t wait to put her to the test!

We got a chance to pick the mind of the buzzing chef about her business and her drive behind it. Check out our conversation below!

QC: What drives you to do the work that you do?


YC:  Sunday dinners were big at my house growing up. You never knew what family member or friend was stopping by to just grab a plate of food and connect. I like recreating that feeling when I work on someone’s event. I love bringing people together in a positive way. Many times I get to share my Haitian culture with different individuals who may have never had Haitian or Caribbean dishes before.

I offer a private dining experience that is an intimate dinner with strangers, but no one leaves the dinner as a stranger. I’m really proud that people trust my cooking and the atmosphere that I can create in a room.

QC: What do you wish to accomplish with your brand?

YC:  Yve’s Kitchen food truck is a short term goal of mine and a new platform to share recipes and cooking tips. My mission is to teach individuals and families from diverse cultural traditions the importance of a great home cooked meal, shared with loved ones.

QC:  What is your biggest accomplishment to date?


YC: I just wrapped up my first year in business and in a time where many businesses are closing their doors, I am grateful to have found success. It’s not easy to become an entrepreneur and gain the support of the consumers. I’m not just a Haitian caterer and private chef, my clients challenge me to cook all types of cuisine. It’s amazing that I get to fly across the country to cook for different events and celebrities in this short time of establishing myself.



Find out more about Yve and Yve’s Kitchen at Connect with her on Facebook: @YvesKitchen and Instagram: @yve_kitchen.