Finding Your True Voice Through Affirmations ft. Tracy G.

“I like to say that I’m somewhere between Rihanna and the Dalai Lama.” - Tracy G.

On Friday November 2nd, Queens Co. collaborated with BREAD Boston to host an event featuring Tracy G., an o.g. wellness enthusiast and media personality that got down to the nitty gritty of what it means to really become our best selves.

Hailing all the way from NYC, Tracy G. is the founder of She's Beauty And The Beast, a brand for the multi-faceted, boldass young woman who’s always down for self-improvement but without shedding her sass. She’s also a part of the on-air squad for SiriusXM's Sway In The Morning show on Shade45.

Tracy G. describes herself as a nice Scorpio who loves earfuls of affirmations, thick conversations about the pursuit of inner/outer wellness, dope girl magic, amazing concealers, amazing cocktails, human behavior and the state of Kanye West's soul.

To her success is creating an ever-growing satisfaction with our quality of life and/or being reincarnated into avocado toast.

We were blessed to have Tracy G. in the building where she got the chance to share her personal journey while inspiring us with her wit and raw honesty.

Throughout her storytelling, one factor seemed to be one of the drivers behind her current success - reciting daily affirmations.

Before entering the radio and wellness industry, Tracy explored a number of different fields such as public relations and journalism but she always had a voice in her head telling her to do radio.

She also had another voice in her head telling her that she didn’t have enough value to be on the radio. But one day, she decided to follow the former voice, step out on faith and audition for what would be her current job as a host on Sway in the Morning Show.

After she secured her spot, imposter syndrome began to sink in. Why was it that she had two sides of her telling her to completely different things about herself? Tracy became curious about this dark voice of doubt that would go up against the other voice pushing her to try new things and take risks.

After listening to Joel Olstein one day, in his podcast, he challenged his listeners to do an affirmation practice. She began to slowly shed her imposter syndrome as she fed her positive voice with daily affirmations and soon realized that this was her intuition pushing her to do great things!

“I realized I could destigmatize and normalize as I vocalized,” Tracy G. said as she began to repeat her daily affirmations out loud.

She realized the power these affirmations had given her and this made way for her brand “She’s Beauty and the Beast” where she creates a series of audio vision boards, reciting affirmations over relaxing beats.

“She’s Beauty and the Beast was birthed out of self-doubt, not confidence.”
- Tracy G.

Now, she has a series of audio vision board mixtapes where she affirms thousands of women as they journey on to becoming their best selves. Tracy strives to be a representation for women who embrace their duality - women who can twerk to the latest hit song but are also looking for deeper meaning in their relationships with our creator.

If you describe yourself as that women, definitely check out my favorite audio vision board by Tracy G., “Love, Light and That Good Sh*t: Audio Affirmations for Today’s Dope Women.”

Tracy describes affirmations as a way to send yourself a good morning text to start off your day. Click here to start incorporating this practice into your daily activities and find your inner true voice that may be hiding under all of the self-doubt you carry.

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