Let's Write Life with Latonia Francois, our June #GirlBoss of the Month

“You’re Worth Writing For. You always were. You always will be. Let’s Write Life! “

Latonia Francois is the Trailblazing Owner of Let’s Write Life, an education-based journaling company that partners with self-development organizations and mental health professionals to incorporate journaling into their programs as a positive form of self-expression and life change.

Latonia is the author of, “The Best of Me” guided journal and journaling program that inspires women and youth to realize their purpose, see beyond adversity, and rewrite their lives with dignity. Recently featured in Essence magazine, she is also highly sought after as a well-rounded entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and consultant. Latonia leads Let’s Write Life with an affirmation of self-love, self-esteem and confidence to inspire her audience to never give up on themselves or their dreams with these words: “You’re Worth Writing For. You always were. You always will be.”

We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down with Latonia to ask her about her story. Check out our conversation below.


QC: What motivated you to start Let’s Write Life?

LF: If I had to sum it up in one word it would be “CHANGE.” Let’s Write Life was an unplanned business that came to life somewhere between happiness, passion, purpose, darkness, and light. My own advocacy for mental health and passion for helping others is the motivation behind it. In my past, I’ve dealt with the battles and struggles of depression and there were a few times I got to a real point of loneliness thinking I no longer wanted to live. I wasn’t able to see the value of my life, who I was, and I felt very limited in my ability to achieve the life I wanted. This left me in a dark place in which I had to make a choice on how I was going to move forward. This thought is the very thing that changed the direction of my life and years later it is the very same reason that has led me to start Let’s Write Life (LWL).

Although I have been extremely blessed to overcome my struggle with depression, I was able to make choices that really worked out for my life change.  There are many people, especially women of color, that still struggle with the issues that trigger depression and suicide each and every day in ways that I can no longer be silent about. I know what it feels like to be in a dark place of hurt, sadness, loneliness, and pain.  I started LWL to see more CHANGE happen. I want to see a world where people know how to defend themselves, care for their mental health, deal with their pain, and not be defeated by it. I decided the best way I could impact someone’s life was through what worked for me and that’s through journaling. I want people to know there is light on the other side of the pain that they feel and show them how to be empowered by it!


QC: Why is writing and journaling important to you and your life journey?


LF: Journaling has always been a meaningful part of my life, so when I started LWL it made sense to do something I absolutely “find myself” in. In my own self-discovery I am able to help and lead others to realize who they are too. Designing journals, leading workshops, and now completing an art piece called, “I AM ANYA”, which is completely new to my world, is my form of continuous healing, my living story, and new realizations of who I am and who I am becoming through journaling.


QC: What is the message that you want your audience to take away from your brand?

LF: The message that I bring to the world through Let’s Write Life is one that truly speaks for itself, “Let’s Write Life! You’re Worth Writing For.” I like to follow that up with, “You always were. You always will be.” It’s my way of saying; You always were the person you desired to be. We just have to unlock who you are. We’re going to rewrite your story and do this thing called life together until you begin to see the beauty, purpose, and worth that lives within you. Together, we’re going to help you see what I see. That journey start with what you write!


QC: What advice would you like to give to your audience that just start journaling?

LF: Journaling is a great tool for self-expression! There is really no right or wrong way to journal, but what makes journaling an effective and powerful tool for life change is when you make it about YOU! In my workshops, our #1 purpose for journaling is to get to know who you are and start making choices that lead to positive life change! You can’t give permission for other people to be responsible for your happiness. That’s a choice you must make for yourself! If you’re not sure where to start, I am live at Let’s Write Life on Facebook every Tuesday at 1:30pm EST sharing new tips every week.



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