Meet Anna Foster, Our December #GirlBoss and Proof That as Women, We Can Have it All

Meet Anna Foster the founder and CEO of A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand. Anna is a firm believer and true testament that “women entrepreneurs & professionals can thrive in Business and at home”.

A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand is an event-focused consulting business that works with individuals and brands on strategy, networking and development. She is a certified life and business Coach, published writer, connector, event host, speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, and lifestyle influencer.

Anna’s work has earned her various awards and recognitions; including the Ignatius Foundation Sapphire Award, special appearances on numerous media outlets, and three state-level honors: 2016 from the Governor of Massachusetts, and two-consecutive honors in 2016 and 2017 from the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Her popular workshops “Creating Your Brand” and “Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs” serves as a guide for professionals looking to develop their personal and professional brand.  Anna has partnered with numerous entrepreneurs, non-profits, and corporate clients, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, the Bottom Line, the Greater Boston Sickle Cell Disease Association, Conexión Executive Mentorship and Leadership Program, and NAACP ActSo/STEM Competition.  She is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, South Shore Chamber of Commerce, and the South Shore Women’s Business Network.

She currently sits on the Small Business Advisory Board for the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. Anna is the former Vice Chair of the Network for Women in Business-Massachusetts.

Prior to founding A Maven’s World, Anna owned and operated several businesses in various industries. This experience has fueled Anna with the passion to assist entrepreneurs and professionals to live their best life and gain success by living authentically.  Several years ago, she set out to create a world in which people who are facing obstacles and encountering challenges can feel safe instead of scared, empowered instead of defeated, and be rewarded instead of rejected.

She holds a B.A. in Business Management from Suffolk University and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School. Anna has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur.  Anna lives in Massachusetts, with her husband and two children.

Her rap sheet is a testimonial to the FORCE of a woman that she is and what she has created for herself. We got to dig deeper into how Anna has established this life for herself and how she’s learned to balance and keep it afloat, check out our conversation below:

QC: What inspired you to create A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand?

AM: I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire adult life. Even as a child, I was always intrigued by entrepreneurship and operations. In my many years of being an entrepreneur, I’ve experienced a lot of challenges personally and professionally and during those challenges, I always felt I lacked support. Instead of sitting in my problems or blaming anyone, I focused on solutions. So, when I would see neighborhood businesses close their doors, due to a lack of business/support, it always saddened me. I knew it was difficult for small business owners (chasing their dreams) to internally operate their business and market the business, build a network, and identify resources simultaneously. I knew there was a deeper need for owners to connect, on the ground or wherever situated, with their customers/target market. I wanted to be that facilitator/connector. I wanted to become a solution to a problem.

QC: What would you say are the needs of today’s professional women?

AM: Today’s professional women need balance (a life outside or work/home), a personal support system, professional advisors/sponsors and access to resources and professional development. When people are happy in their life, they feel better and they do better. Balance is an essential part of happiness and peace.

QC: As a successful woman entrepreneur, what is the best advice you can give a young entrepreneur?

AM: My advice to women who want to join the entrepreneur “tribe,” don’t just fall in love with being an entrepreneur and what you think it entails. Every successful business needs a plan and strategy. As an entrepreneur, your income is tied to the business. You must mentally travel down every road of your business, the “what ifs” and have a strategy in place. The problem is with most entrepreneurs is they fall in love with a business that may not love them back, and they become emotionally vested in it. I’ve learned the hard way, through experience. My advice is to do your research thoroughly and don’t just speak with those in the industry that are successful, but also speak with those who have failed. Additionally, you can’t rely on friends and family to sustain your business. Timing is extremely important, as well as industry forecasts and trends. You have to be on top of your game and if you are not good at something, recognize it and put the right structures in place.

QC: What are some things that you do to keep you grounded and balanced in your work and family?

AM: To live a fulfilling life, women must have something in their life they can look forward to. Whether it’s going to the gym, a girl’s night, a quarterly spa date, attending an event by AMW, or spending an hour at the nearest bookstore or coffee shop. When people are happy, they thrive personally and professionally. Everyone should have some social activity/engagement in their life.

QC: What is something women learn at the A Maven’s World (AMW) conferences?

AM: The AMW Conference consists of several breakout sessions throughout the day, which focus on personal and professional development. We’ve had a myriad of breakout session titles over the years, but all the sessions connect to professional development, personal empowerment, community and social entrepreneurship, with actionable steps and takeaways for the attendees. The conference also assists with relationship building, comradery amongst attendees, and building lasting relationships.

Women also learn their importance at our conferences and became aware of connections that exist globally. Everyone in attendance is treated and greeted with smiles, cheers and support. When they leave the AMW conference, we want them to feel “full,” as though they can take on the world and they have women (from all around the globe) supporting them if (and when) they need it.  

I mean WOW, right?! Anna Maven is the perfect example of a Queens Co. member that is truly living in her purpose and inspiring other women to do the same! In pushing that objective forward, Anna has giving her fellow official Queens Co. members an exclusive discount to the 7th annual A Maven’s World 2019 Boston Conference: HerStory so to learn more about the conference click here . For more information on A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand, please check out their website.