Meet Christie Lindor, Our January #GirlBoss of the Month!

Christie Lindor is a seasoned management consultant, TEDx keynote speaker, trainer, and author. A first generation Haitian-American born and raised in Mattapan, Christie graduated from college and went on to become a corporate professional, traveling the world advising global clients on how to transform their workforce into high performing, inclusive cultures in times of disruptive change. With over 18 years of experience at the world’s top consulting firms such as Deloitte, EY, and IBM, she is being touted as a rising authoritative figure & thought leader in redefining the modern day workplace.  

A former campaign manager and now senior advisor to State Representative Liz Miranda, Christie is author of the award-winning bestselling book, The MECE Muse: 100+ Selected Practices, Unwritten Rules, and Habits of Great Consultants. Christie is gearing up to publish her second book later this year, entitled: Release: Use the Power of Forgiveness to Get Unstuck and Thrive In Your Career.


Christie has been mentioned in TIME Magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, Bustle, Refinery29, Boston Business Journal, and numerous other outlets discussing a number of business strategy and human capital topics.

Christie now offers training and speaking services for organizations, executive & business coaching, as well as online courses for aspiring & existing consultants. Recently, she founded the Purpose Driven Consultant School , a training & mentorship program designed for ambitious women and people of color seeking to launch, grow, and scale a profitable 6-7 figure consulting business doing meaningful work with people they like. Christie created this program to scale her mission of becoming the mentor she wished she had. Her goal? To create a new generation of amazing women & diverse business consultants who will never feel alone and to create a world where one day, the notion of being “the only” woman or person of color in a corporate boardroom will no longer be the narrative.

Christie is on a mission to create the change she wants to see in the world and we were fortunate enough to get an opportunity to chat with her about her journey thus far. Check out the conversation below!

QC: What adversities have you faced on your journey and how did you overcome them?

CL: I’ve faced many layers of adversities professionally and was constantly in spaces where I didn’t quite fit in.   I’ve spent 95% of my 18-year career usually as the “only” woman or person of color amongst my peers at work.  In the world of management consulting, junior consultants learn about the business based on an apprenticeship model and I spent the first 5 years of my career searching for an older version of myself.  She never showed up and in her place, I spent years feeling lost and misunderstood.  This in turn created a vicious cycle of imposter syndrome, where I was constantly working hard and questioning my capabilities at the same time.  I overcame this by really getting honest with myself.  I had to accept that I was the only one, but I am here.  I had to blow up my definition of what a mentor does and what a mentor looks like.  I had to take accountability and control of the narrative that I can control within my career.  If I’m given permission to be in the spaces that I had access to, I had to make the best of it regardless of what I originally expected.   Once I did, the world as I viewed it changed and so did my confidence. 

QC: What was the inspiration behind creating the Purpose Driven Consultant School? 


CL: It goes back to how I felt those first 5 years of my career.  I wanted to succeed so bad but something was missing.  I didn’t have a game plan or mentors to help me get to where I wanted to go.  I’m not only the founder but I’m the Chief Mentor Officer of the Purpose Driven Consultant School. My goal with my program is to help people understand the mechanics of how to build a profitable consulting business, how to be great purpose driven consultants, and how to build a credible brand regardless of their age, knowledge, or experience.

QC: What are some of your favorite success stories from individuals/clients who you have worked with in the past?  

CL: I’ll share the story that made me decide to turn this into a business.  I had spent a summer working with an independent consultant to help her rebrand her consulting expertise. As a new freelancer, she accepted the first project that came her way and two years later she felt like she was being pigeonholed into an area of work that she didn’t really want to continue working in, but it was paying the bills.  Not to mention she was dealing with a lot of political dynamics at her client site.  In the span of two months within 4-5 working sessions, I helped her to come up with a rebranding strategy, worked with her to come up with a week by week action plan for the next year to support her pivot, all while helping her navigate the political dynamics at her job. Fast forward, I received an email from her wanting to meet me in person.  When we met, she hugged me and immediately started crying.  She said that because of the guidance I provided her, she not only landed a new contract doing work that was more meaningful to her, she also built up confidence and was able to wean herself off anti-depression medication which she had been on since becoming a consultant.  I had no idea that she was on medication!

In that moment I realized there is value in helping other women and people of color learn how to design a future where they can lead fulfilling lives as business consultants. I’m so thankful to have had the experiences that I did and to be able to help others in this capacity.

QC: What advice would you give someone looking to follow in your footsteps?

CL: Seek progress, not perfection. Stop caring what others think. No, really. You will get so much more done once you stop caring. Until the narrative of being the “only” no longer exists, embrace your authenticity in those moments and use it to your advantage.

We love and admire Christie’s go-getter attitude and wish her nothing but success in the future! For more information about Christie and the work that she has been doing with the Purpose Driven Consultant School, check out the website here!