Meet Katlyne Louis, Our September #GirlBoss of the Month

“Style is a form of self-care.”

Katlyne Louis established Femme Vintage in 2014 when she decided to create an online boutique that provided stylish, vintage pieces for women. After two years, Katlyne saw it fit to pre-launch on Oct 30, 2017 and expand by adding a collection for plus size women called FV Plus Beauties. This collection carries vintage inspired pieces from sizes Sm-3x. Her collections have been in fashion shows, magazines and more!

Katlyne believes having personal style is a form of self-care. The goal of Femme Vintage is to help all "Vintagenistas" to find their personal style. Femme Vintage offers consultations and personal shopping for their customers. In Spring 2019, Katelyn & Femme Vintage will be expanding again with the launch of a new collection for Pastors, Ministers and Leaders in ministries called “Lady Louis “. This collection will be exclusive, conservative with a hint of vintage chic.

We got the chance to chat with Katelyn in-between her busy schedule about her mission. Check out our conversation below.


QC: What made you start Femme Vintage?

KL:  My love for vintage started with my mother. I loved adding her accessories or her trench to add some flair to my wardrobe. Femme Vintage was born during a time where I was just frustrated with finding clothes that I liked. I wanted staple pieces that were unique, classy and fun. I started to thrift different pieces from the 60’s-80’s. People took notice and I decided to start Femme Vintage.

QC: What messages do want your company to portray?

KL: Femme Vintage's message is simply making women feel great about themselves whatever their size! It’s about embracing your uniqueness and strutting down the runway in your life feeling awesome!

QC: What advice would you give women looking to enter the fashion industry?

KL: Do NOT doubt yourself at all! Embrace your gift and be confident that it will make room for you. Always be open to learning and be willing to master your craft.

QC:  What are your next steps for Femme Vintage and how can people support?  

KL: We are getting ready to celebrate our one year anniversary in October. We also have a few events coming up for 2019 for our "Vintagenistas" out there. Be sure to follow our page to keep up with our events, raffles and more.



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