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On this page, you’ll find different resources related to our mission of helping you grow personally, financially. professionally, and health wise. Check-in every month to see what new tools we’ll be sharing!


Personal Growth Resource

Brown Ambition Podcast

Brown Ambition Podcast.png

Brown Ambition is a weekly podcast about everything we want to talk about but are too afraid to "go there" — working your way up in your career, negotiating skills, dealing with money and relationships, budgeting, saving, and getting ahead. Your hosts are award-winning financial educator Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche and Yahoo.com personal finance correspondent Mandi Woodruff. 



Mental health is all the rage right now, as it should be! As women of color, we’ve experienced a number of different types of trauma due to the intersection of our gender and race, not to mention any other life problems we may be facing on a daily basis. Therapy is a vital resource to help us navigate our mental health but sometimes it can be hard because we’d like to seek help from a professional who can relate to our identity. Check out the custom list with contact info of therapist of color in the Greater Boston area to get you started.

Professional Development Resource

5 Podcasts for Professional Development


In need of career advice or help with your job search? Well, you should check out these podcasts out! 


As Women We Must Learn To Serve From Overflow

Mindfulness tips from Queens Co. Business Member, Anna Foster, founder and CEO of A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand, an event-focused and consulting business that works with individuals and brands on strategy, networking and development.

Check it out here!


Health and Wellness Resource

Okay, we know starting a health & wellness journey can seem like a daunting task. Everywhere you turn these days, you’re hearing about fitness, wellness, health, and all of it can be extremely overwhelming.

That’s why Queens Company is right here to help guide you on your mission to achieve those health & wellness goals!

This month we’d like to share some our favorite fitness & wellness apps and podcasts with you all so you can check them out and possibly incorporate them into your routine.


Financial Empowerment Resource

9 Women of Color Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow

There’s no question that we should see ourselves represented across the media and in the workplace. It’s no different when it comes to internet presence. As you read you’ll find a compiled list of 9 women of color personal finance bloggers that you should follow.

These women represent and underrepresented community that needs a voice. And, as a member of this community, it’s necessary to shine a light on other women who are doing significant work to educate and empower others.